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It’s hard to find all the resources you need when they’re scattered all over the internet, and I’ve spent ages trying to figure out the best materials and techniques.


Here's what I wish I knew when I started alcohol inks! 



Want to get some new inks but not sure what colours to buy?


It can be frustrating not knowing what the colours will look like in real life. So, here are my personal swatches.

I use Brass by Jacquard in almost all my paintings so I’ve swatched all my inks using the individual colour + brass.

More Swatches

@astuaryart's website for amazing tutorials and loads of swatches.

Click here to visit's Instagram - she has a detailed story highlight with descriptive Copic swatches.

Click here for @brushcali's Instagram, she has a story highlight with mainly Copic and Ranger swatches.



These are the materials and supplies that I recommend from my personal experience. It's not a list of everything, just the items I frequently use.


I include info about the materials, and links too!



This Facebook group is an amazing resource, but make sure to search the group with any questions before making a post, because people have likely asked the question before. There are beginner resources in the ‘files’ section.

ArtResin food safety info is available here.

This article talks about Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 


Perfect for US residents

Shop my recommended materials from the US Amazon store.


Comfort X Design

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Transport In Style

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