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Hi, my name is Sequoia, and I love playing with colours, textures and LIGHT! I'm an Irish artist with a love of beautiful things, and I try to make art that brings a bit more beauty into the world with every creation.

I've always been a creative person, but only after 4 years studying literature and creative writing did I realise that I'm happiest when I'm drawing, painting, or simply creating with my hands.

So after university, I was feeling lost and uncertain, and I decided to do a one year art course at a local technical institute.


That showed me I love art, but also that I don't need someone to teach me... I'm happy to teach myself! I love to experiment and learn by doing.

So I decided to do 100 days of alcohol ink paintings to see just how much I could figure out. On the way I started sharing my work, ideas and process on Instagram, where I ended up with over 30k followers (that might be where you know me from).

But all along I've just been painting in my home, making do with cramped spaces and bad lighting. These not-ideal conditions mean I've learned a thing or two about resourcefulness and problem solving, which I'm happy to share with you!

It took me too long to realise that making things with my hands is my true passion.


Now that I've embraced art and creation, I feel like everyone should do the same. Art is a wonderful and beneficial thing we all experience as children, and I think the more people who can return to it, the better!


Let's make the world a more beautiful and kind place by encouraging and supporting one another as we learn what makes us happy and fulfilled.

So please let me know if I can help in any way! I also have some videos on my YouTube, and I'm always available by DM on Instagram.

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